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Special Wedding Cakes. Let’s Celebrate!

Admiring to make your wedding more special? Or want to make your wedding more memorable? Then, yes the best and preferred way to fulfill these wishes is to cut a special wedding cake on the most special day. In our country, everyone celebrates marriages with good spirit and enthusiasm and adding a wedding cake on this most memorable day gives more flavor to the occasion.

The marriage tradition ought, to begin with, a sugary cake. Wedding cake comes in plethora types like smaller cakes, flavored cakes, traditional marriage cakes, cupcakes, and frosted cakes. However, if you are looking for the best cakes variety for a wedding then your search ends here…As below are some options you can prefer for:-

Most Adorable Ideas For a Wedding cake:

1. Colour burst –

For brides who are crazy about colors as they are about their husband, a colorful wedding cake is the best choice to bring in a fun element. Marriage cakes don’t ought to ancient and white any longer. If you wish a colorful cake you’ll still keep it fashionable and keep it from looking like a birthday cake. Strive to not use to a plethora of contrasting colors- rather use different colors from the same color pallet.

2. Photo Cakes –

These cakes are quite popular. If your partner likes personalized gifts, then a photo cake will be a good choice. Customize your cake with the image of both. This will make your wedding more special and memorable.

3. Champagne bottle cake –

The base of the cake is shaped like the shape of a Champagne bottle. The cake is then decorated with sweet balls and stars. Some ice cubes are placed at the top of the champagne bottle and silver bucket to bring out the actual look of the grand celebration. This is the best cake for your wedding as the uniqueness of it can earn you some extra Brownie points.

4. Chocolate cake –

Chocolate cake has been among the most popular wedding cake. A childhood favorite cake is a mix of most delicious flavors like mint, strawberry, and orange and this can be elevated to a sophisticated level when it is mixed with chocolate flavor. Indulge in richness which chocolate fudge, or lighten the flavor by choosing a German chocolate cake.

chocolate cake, photo cake

5. Red velvet cake –

It is one of the second favorite cake for women. Red velvet cake is the best cake to show your love and romance on your wedding day. Its flavor is not quite chocolaty yet not quite vanilla either. It is rich with cream cheese frosting and is smooth. These red velvety delights are also available in little cupcake variants which are perfect for a gift.

6. Black or celestial cake –

Forget a traditional white cake, this tiered wedding cake by Alice Broadway is midnight black with marbled layers. It almost looks like you are gazing into the Milky Way ( and not the chocolate kind). Meanwhile, a black, ruffled middle tier draws out the color in the flowers.

7. Furbished choco butterscotch –

his wedding cake is moist and tender. A satiny smooth chocolate frosting is used to frost the cake. This is the best cake for festive occasions. It doesn’t really need any garnish, but you could decorate with some colorful sprinkles, or it looks great with the medley of fresh berries piled in the center.

8. Hearts and Roses clock cake –

If you are planning to give a special surprise to your bride, then preferring hearts and Roses clock cake will be a good choice. The pink and red & white rose mixture with the clock on it is just exceptional. A round white forest cake base and a heart shared decor cake with red rose designs, topped with a cute tiny clock design will make the message more special and clear. There is nothing more important than a wedding cake at your wedding and making it specially says you care for your soulmate.

red velvet cake, rose cake

9. Strawberry cakes –

Strawberry cake is a cake that uses strawberry as a primary ingredient. It takes some tweaking and good baking skills to get an intense strawberry flavor without adding too much moisture to the cake. A delicious cake loaded with the freshness of strawberries and give you an everlasting flavor splash.

10. Botanical cakes –

Especially cactuses, succulents or edible flowers – Herbs and edible flowers are used to make top cakes by Bees Bakery and is perfect for either an outdoor wedding or a rustic wedding theme. Bees Bakery is based in the UK too and has had features in Vogue Magazine and on the Jamie Oliver website. The second cake combines cacti, a naked cake and metallic drips for something smaller but frankly pretty cool.

strawberry cake, botanical cake

11. Floating Tiers –

This isn’t your mama’s floating tier cake. Impressive cakes that look like they’re doing balancing acts will take the spotlight in 2019. Whether they’re floating on flowers or 3-D shapes, a floating cake has done right is nothing short of magical.

12. Single Level –

A single-tier cake is the pinnacle of chic minimalism. Worried it won’t be able to feed all of your guests? Don’t be—you can have a sheet cake in the kitchen for extra slices (it’s the oldest trick in the book). In fact, simple design doesn’t mean the flavor has to be boring—use it as an opportunity to incorporate fun fillings.